Tried an upgrade from 5.1 sp8 to 6.5 sp5 remote upgrade. After the reboot:
Server went into debug mode, but could be forced to continue by pressing
[F3] 6 times. Volumes mounted, but stopped when the mps14 or ACPI tried to
load via HDETECT.NLM.
Stucked there.
This stage was impossible to get around. Tried new drivers, old drivers, new
server.exe. Tried with disabled (in BIOS) IDE, ports and USB. disable mps14
in startup.ncf. Rebooted with another DOS versions, edited config.sys with
files=100, and several other settings. No difference.
Restored the DOS and SYS partition, and tried an in-place upgrade. Same
Restored again, and made an upgrade to NW6 sp5, wich went fine. Any ideas
how to get up to nw 6.5?