Upgraded a NW5.1 sp8 server using the remote upgrade on a NW6.5sp5 overlay cd. After the second & final reboot, the server loaded, and got really SLOW. Loaded the GroupWise 6.5 items, but very slow. Stopped while trying to load portal. Rebooted the server after 1 hour of trying to finish the loading process.

Modified the autoexec.ncf file to not load anything except mount volumes & load nic drivers. (Had to modify by booting server -na). Rebooted - server loaded, still slow. When trying to load monitor - takes 25-50 seconds. Unload monitor, then reload it - hangs. Try to open another command line - it hangs on what ever command you give it. Utilization on server is 0 - 3%. Looking at kernel busiest threads - just 2 server processes taking 1 - 2 million.

Server is a ML350 G1, 1gig ram, 2 18gig hard drives, no raid, using ADPT160M.HAM driver.
Have updated server with Proliant service pack 7.50 & 7.51.
This server has a r/w replica, thrid of 3 servers. The other two servers were upgraded from 5.1 to 6.5 with no problems.
I did contact HP to see if they had any idea of why - no idea.
I can copy items to/from the server with no speed issues. The slowness seems to be in loading NLM's. Neither PORTAL or Apache2 would load.

I just checked the server remotely - now I can load items with no problem. Unloaded monitor, reloaded instantly. Tomorrow I'll modify autoexec.ncf to load all them 'normal' stuff and reboot.

Any ideas of why? I'm thinking something may not have finished with the upgrade and it just took some time. ???