Last night I moved from NW 65 SP 3 to SP5. I installed SP5, EDIR8738,
N65NSS5A, and then tried to apply the server.exe update. I am running a
Dell PE 2850.

After I installed the server and restarted, the first time the system
was restarting somewhere after SERVER.EXE had been executed and in the
AUTOEXEC.NCF process the system abended - only had "multiple abends" in
red at the top of the monitor and the rest was garbeled.

The second time I tried to start it the system did appear to come all
the way up, but after starting the server froze solid! Could not
<Ctrl><Esc> to any screen, could not log in, could not do anything.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can look at to see what would
have caused this or what I can do to try and get it patched?

Mark Powers

ps: the other 3 updates seem to of went fine and without any problem -
that is sp5, the NSS and EDIR updates.