I have a NW6.5/5.1 tree. It is running edir I am adding a
server this weekend. What is the general consensus on the best way to do
it? I have in the past with 5.1 done it one of two ways:
1. Install the Server as it's own stand alone box with tree=temp
org=temp. I then make sure the time is close and remove NDS through
nwconfig and then add it back after a reboot but put it in the existing
2. As I am installing the OS, when I get to the step about Tree, I give it
the info for the existing tree.

I used to do #2 but then got bitten when due to a driver issue the server
wouldn't come back up. I was then stuck with a server in the tree that
wasn't communicating until I got the issue resolved. Someone on one of
the forums told me about the #1 method and I used it since. This is the
first time I have added a server to the tree since NW6.5/Edir and wondered
what is the preferred method. I am unsure whether I need to run utilities
doing it the #1 way such as pkidiag, nlssetup(We have an MLA license) or
god help me sdidiag(I have never liked this util). What are your
thoughts? I have not installed the OS yet, so I can do either at this
point. Thanks for everything!