I attempted to do an inplace upgrade on one of our servers to NW6.5 OES
from Netware 6.0 and it failed because the DOS partition was only 100 MB
(one of our ex-employee's built it and why they only made it 100 MB is
beyond me). During the server health check before the upgrade it came
back that it was only 100 MB and the suggested size was 200 MB. However,
I thought I would be ok since the results stated only 37 MB was needed and
there was 50+ mb free. Well it started backing up and copying over the
new files to nwserver and it ran out of space.

I ended up backing out and replaced all the files in nwserver with the
originals and got things up and running. However, the server does not
start automatically now when you turn it on. When it starts DOS it begins
to ask for the date and time, I press enter and it will then boot? Does
anyone know what file needs to be modified so it does not ask for the date
and time?