We have a proposal from a vendor to install a remote access solution to
our network.

The solution will use:

Vasco digipass Go-3 Token
Aventail EX-1510 SSL/VPN appliance

My initial task is to enable NMAS

It has'nt been decided on what platform NMAS will be installed on yet
stage, ie/ OES Linux or OES Netware.

When I built one of our nw6.5/sp5 servers, I installed ALL products, and
under nwconfig I see that NMAS 2.4 & NICI 2.8 are installed.

At this stage I have no idea what is involved in configuring NMAS as I
have never used it before, and my first question is how long would you
expect it to take to install and configure NMAS for the above solution?

Many thanks.