I am setting up a new server and am looking for recommendations.

In the past I used 2 smaller SCSI drives and configured for raid 1 with DOS
partition and SYS. I would then use RAID 5 across all other drives.

Being the fact that the smallest drive you can get is 70+ gigs, using this
configuration would waste a lot of space.

If you had a system with the following:

ProLiant DL385
6 x 146.8 Gb HD (Ultra 320 SCSI drive)
AMD 64 Opteron.
CPQ 6i Array Controller (0, 1+0, 5)

Will have the NetWare OES OS, file sharing and Groupwise 7

What would your configuration be?

Final silly question. If all 6 drives are configured in RAID 5 and drive 0
fails, will the server still boot.