I'm performing a new install of Netware 6.5 SP5 on a fresh Supermicro
server with 2x5 SCSI hotswap bays. It has an Adaptec 2230 Raid with the
battery backup. Want to run DOS Part. and SYS on a mirrored raid of (2)
73 GB, one on each channel; and a O+1 strip with (8) 300 GB, 4 on each
channel using card. Any tips. I'm used to duplex and mirroring the old
fashion way.

This is first expossure to Netware 6.+ and NSS. I have 4 GB RAM, so
should I follow recommendation for the DOS partition to match RAM plus
200MB? Traditional or NSS for SYS?

Is DOS still needed?

Thanks for any input,
Post-Katrina, behind schedule