I am trying to set up an FTP server on NW65SP5. It almost works, except
when logging in, FTP hangs on

150 Opening data connection.

When looking up this error in KB, I found TID 10092770, which lists this
exact error (only TID I find which does so) and says:

"This defect is fixed with NWFTPD.NLM version 5.01.26 of April 28, 2004
and later"

I am running Version 5.06.05 November 16, 2005

So it does not appear that the defect is fixed.

In checking the file finder, I discovered an update for NWFTPD.NLM which
I thought I would apply to see if that resolved the issue, but the link
is broken.

So: what do I need to do to get this working? Any suggestions?

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School