Hello Novell Community,

We have several Netware 5 servers that we'd like to upgrade to OES Linux
Netware, replacing the existing hardware but not making any changes to the
NDS and Netware tree. Server names must retain the same name.

As part of our testing we have setup a test server that was created in the
live environment, with a R/W nds replica and has now been moved to a test

I started the upgrade process by applying Netware 5 Service pack6 to take
the server to 5.0.9. I also applied NICI 1.5.7 upgrade.
Using the Deployment Manager tool on the OES Novell cd, I reached the stage
where the tool checks the condition of the current tree - Preparing A
Server For Upgrade. This fails because the test server being upgraded is
not a netware 5.1 server.

I need your thoughts, suggestions and anything else you could help me with
this test run. If I need to upgrade to 5.1, how can this be achieved?
And also, how do I migrate the old server to the new OES Linux Netware box?

Thank you.