I have a small 1 tree environment with one server.

I had recently loaded a box as a TEST server (want to learn more about AMP)
as I would like to setup up an intranet.

I need to reload the test box. I am looking for advice on taking the box
down and reinstalling Netware on it with the same Server name: TEST back
into the smae tree. Would that cause me harm.

Is there a proper method that should be followed? related downing the box,
removing it from the tree and then reloading.

I didn't ever 'do anything' regarding replica's and the like. (I am none to
familiar with that as I have always had just 1 server) So unless something
happens automatically behind the scenes I think I might be ok there?

I see the main server establishing communication and time syncing so that
is why I wonder about reloading with the same name if that would cause me
headaches or not.

Thoughts/insight/advice greatly appreciated.


All boxes are NW 6.5 sp5 cpr