This isn't exactly tech support, but I figured it was the most
appropriate place to post this.

With Dell dropping support for Netware in most of its next gen
servers(and all its rack mount offerings), I'm sort of in a sticky
situation. If I act fast, I can still get a 2850. However, my Dell
rep has quoted me some absurd price, and hasn't gotten back to me why
my previous rep quoted me something similar(minus a processor, two
scsi hard drives, and a fiber NIC) for $2000+ more two or three months
ago. So the Dell option is up in the air right now.

I called HP, asked the sales person about Netware, and got transferred
to tech support before I got to say anything else. I hung up.

So here's my question(s). I need a rack mounted server, with at least
five SCSI drive slots I can configure for RAID 5, redundant power
supplies, mounting hardware which will fit a dell standard 19" rack,
and two Xeon processors(AMD is fine as long as it doesn't give netware
issues). I don't care about Dual Core. Any ideas of a reputable
server provider outside of Dell or HP that won't kill me in cost? I
need to keep this under $4000. I work at a K-12 School District, so
funds are always at a premium and I need to get the most out of each
dollar possible which is why a company like Dell tends to get most of
our business due to economies of scale. I checked out Novell's
partners page, but I don't know enough about the companies listed there
to made a good judgement call on their hardware offering.

Thanks a bunch!