System boots and does initial HDD dos partition and file copy. When loading ideata.ham, idecd.cdm, idehd.cdm, I get the error "chipset not supported" from ideata.ham. I do a manual install and use legacy based load of ham (using port# and int#), driver loads and displays cd and hdd drive details on logger screen. But when loading the cdm's I get the error "no cdrom device was found". Obviously the cd works since it boots and completes initial copy to boot partition.

Novell TID's say use shipping version to do install and then upgrade. I cannot find the shipping version. Are the iso's available somewhere?

TID's also suggest copying older drivers to the NW root folder on C:, and restarting. However, I cannot get to the C: drive when booting from CD, nor is the 500MB partition set up by the installer bootable.

How do I either get the shipping version of 6.5, or get around the install issues outlined above?

At some time I read a TID that says pcdos is the best to use for the boot parition. Is there a way to install this from the cdrom directly and bypass the auto install?