I work at a high school. Recently all of our servers at the schools
and Board Office were running Netware 6.0 SP5.

We have decided to make the upgrade to Netware 6.5.

Our most experienced network guy was to update our Central Server which
holds our DNS information to Netware 6.5. After that he was going to
update our Firewall and Mail Server as well.

He decided to test out just the update on our Central Server, to see if
any isues arise.

Now I'm not saying this was the cause of our problems but there are
strange things goig on now.

1) We can do web browsing internally (inside the firewall) in our Board
Office but when we go externally (outside the firewall) we can web
2) Some people are receiving e-mails and others aren't.
3) Also, our Board's webpage has a link so that people can check their
e-mail from home which is outside the firewall, but it won't connect
4) In the past remote control management (server ip address:8008) use
to work on all servers, but no longer works on most servers.

Now I'm not saying that the above issues are linked to the Netware 6.5
upgrade on Central but the issues seemed to have started around that
time. We contacted our ISP, we had our wireless guy come in and he
checked the routers and NAT table etc... and everything appears fine.

Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated?