Hi there,

I help administer a departmental Netware network at the univerity of
warwick. We currently have several servers running on Netware 5.1 SP8, and
wish to start moving to Netware 6.5. As 3 of these servers are fairly old,
we have taken the opertunity to upgrade the hardware at the same time.

I have read the documentation and done a test migration using servers in a
test tree and all appeared to go ok. However in doing this it has raised a
cople of issues :-

1) When I did the test I setup the destination server as a 'pre-migration'
server, did the migratiion and then added additional products, is there any
reason why I should not install the server with all the products and then
migrate to it, as this will possibly save a step.

2) When i did the test migration I was told 9by the migration wizard) that I
may have to re-create the NDPS printer objects, as we have about 30
networked printers, is there a way that I can do this without having to re-
create these, as it would be a real pain to do so.

3) We currently run Zenworks 3.2, but have a site license for 6.5 (and
possibly 7), will 3.2 run ok on the upgraded server, or will I have to go
straight to 6.5, as I'd rather do them as seperate steps. I have installed
Zen 3.2 on the test upgraded server so I suspect that this will be ok.