Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this!

We would like to upgrade our OES NetWare SP5 running GroupWise 6.5.5 to a new OES Linux SP2 running GroupWise 6.5.5 (then we'll upgrade to GW 7.1).

I'm wondering if anyone has some advice on a preferred path for upgrading. Can I for certain use the Novell Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit to migrate (destination will assume source config) from OES NetWare SP 5 to OES Linux SP2 or is there a better way or any way at all?

I'm supposing that I'll need NSS volumes on the Linux box and once the GW data is moved all I'll need to do is install GW Linux on top of it.

Thanks again for your time.


PS For the last 12 years our University has been a NetWare shop. We are absolutely loving OES Linux!!!