Hello all. I am over-the-wire migrating my 25th Netware 5.0 SP6, NICI 1.5.7
server to Netware 6.5 SP 5 on Dell Poweredge hardware (PE 2600 to PE 2600.)
I'm using Migration Wizard 8.1.512.9

The file migration went fine. Then it backed-up NDS from the source server,
and shut down the source server (It's in Chicago, I'm in Connecticut) Then
the migration wizard couldn't connect to the target server. I tried it for
3 iterations, tried logging-in, and nothing. On the third message about Do
I Want To Wait For Connection or Cancel, I chose cancel. Then it said
Migration failed. It won't send the NDS it backed-up to the target server.
Is there any way to force it?

When I try to re-do the Begin NDS / eDirectory part, it errors out trying to
contact my old, source server that's now shut down.

Does anyone have any suggestions to complete the migration? Is the NDS
removed from the source-server, or can I have someone go to the office and
start it up, and I'll just begin again to migrate the NDS?