next weekend I give the migration from our old server to a new one (with a
new raid system) another try. For understanding several things I read the
migration and consolitdation document of novell. So far so good. The last
time I tried a migration I install the new server into a temp-tree with a
temp name etc.. After I migrated eDir information I used this migration tool
to copy our data from the data volumes which took a long time. Today I read
about SCU and after I read more I have some question:

1.) When I migrate one server to another server let's say because of a
hardware change. Do I have to copy the complete data of our data volume
first, or could I do it at the end? At which point of time it's best to copy
the data? It could be time saving for me if I could do it via the
consolidation copy data tool before I start the migarte data tool because I
could copy all not open files one night before the migration and copy only
newer files after the migration...

2.) What exactly is the different to the migration tool? If I migrate the
data volumes from one server to another it took a long time only to migrate
the eDir data. After that the files will be copied. Is it better to use SCU
to copy the data?

Maybe some questions will follow... Thanks for your suggestions.