I did a down upgrade server to Netware 6.5 and installed the SP5.

After updating two errors appeared

1. When I try to load the traditional volumen, the server show me the
followin error:

Volume SPOOL has multiple definitios for segment 0
Volume SPOOL segment 0 ends at block 79997
and segment 0 starts at block 0
Definition for sync 0 of volume SPOOL removed
Definition for volumen SPOOL is invalid
Volume SPOOL could NOT be mounted. Some or all volume
segments cannot be loacted. If this is an NSS volume, the pool may need to
be activated using the command nss /poolactivated=poolname.

how I can mount the volume again?

2. Volumes NSS changed of name of poolname to poolname_AR

How I can change the name without making damage some in the data and trustes?

(both disk are in a SAN HP EVA3000)