Hello Everyone and thanks for reading this post.

Here is what I now have: One server (Netware 6.5 Sp1) with DAS and 3
volumes, each mirrored by an IBM Servraid controller. This server has my
master NDS database which is replicated on two other NW6.5 servers.

Here's what I want to accomplish:
1) Create a fully redundant system by installing shared iSCSI storage and
one other server with Novell Cluster Services that comes with Netware 6.5.
2) I want to move all my files onto the shared storage.
3) I then want to upgrade this to OES Netware and later possibly OES Linux.

If anyone has done this before, please relate your experience and what I
should watch for. If there are any publications that I would benefit from
reading before attempting to do this, please let me know. I believe I have
read most of the documentation on the support site but I may have overlooked
some important information so please mention anything you think would be

Thanks for your support!