Hello all,

I am getting ready to replace an old server with a new one with new

What is considered best practice; migration or in-place hardware upgrade?

It would seem that the migration would be the easier of the 2 but in the
past I have performed in-place hardware upgrades without incident.

The server that is being replaced is Netware 6.0 SP5 and we are not
upgrading the NOS at this time.

It looks like the migration would require a little more down time but I
could be wrong.

Also, when migrating, I know I need to have an IP address in the same
subnet but does the migration process then apply the source server's IP
address upon completion or do I need to change after the migration
completes. If it does not change it, I will need to make some DNS entry
changes for other services to work properly, post migration.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Steve D.