hi there...

i did a server upgrade to our nw 6.5 support pack 3 to support pack 5....
imanager was not upgraded on support pack... i downloaded the support pack 5
iso and tried to install imanager 2.5 and it says

The Product install cannot proceed because the of your netware target server
does not match the NetWare 6.5 source media you selected to install products

when i type version on the console
the server i just upgraded it says
novell netware, v6.5 support pack5 - cpr release
also we did netware 6.5 sp5 updated server.exe

the server i did with support pack 5 cds
just says novell netware, v6.5 support pack 5

why does this server says cpr release?
does the support pack 5 have updated server.exe patch?
how can i get cpr release of imanager 2.5?