I have been attempting to get a server that had
been migrated over to newer hardware back into
usable shape. The short story is that the newer
hardware version, and any backups, were lost.

Migration had been done 2 months ago, but the HP DL320
had not been re-used yet. Migration was done using
the Server Consolidatino and Migration Toolkit v1.1;
had no problems with the original migration.

Summary of the server: NW 6.5 SP2; eDirectory,
IDM 2.0.1; self service password config'd. This was a
test server for an existing production server.

Followed 12.11.1 Restore Source Server to its original
configuration (had used this a lot for previous upgrade
practice, but with NW5.1).

I get the system back, but iManager is unusable; tried
copying back adminsrv, apache2, java as per a TID (can't
find or recall the number); no help with this. Found
TID#10093343 seemed more applicable; have gone through
this twice, second time correcting a typo that exists,
which got me as far as running the iManager configure
tool (http://ipaddr/nps/servlet/configure), which gets
me as far as logging into iManager; HOWEVER, there are
no roles & tasks listed, and no options listed for the
configure tab either.

Nothing can be done about the backups having been
deleted, so I'm hoping to get this machine back into
usable form to re-migrate. The migration is needed
in part for the planning for upgrades next month.

Any suggestions on recovering this server will be