Hello all,

I think I have decided that the migration process is the way to go to
replace an existing server.

A couple of questions after reading the documentation:

1. It says the volumes need to be the same name. Are we talking about
volumes or NSS pools or both? My new server will have significantly more
storage space and I guess pool names do not matter much to me.

2. Do I need to install the same version of DS on the destination (new)
server as is on the source (old server)? It does not say this in the
documentation but it may be assumed. We have recently updated all of our
servers to eDir and I would need to install that on the
destination server before the migration process.

3. Install DS only on destination server? After the migration, do I have
to go back through startx and reinstall all of the other products
(NDPs/iPrint...) where do I find a complete list of what is installed on
the old server? Can I just take the list from NWConfig and the installed
products list?

4. Master replica server. Should I move the master replica off of the
server I am migrating before beginning this process? How safe is this

Any other things to be considered are greatly appreciated.

Steve D.