I have several customers who I have upgraded to NW65SP5 with the OS5a
and NSS5a post patches.
I have two customers who are having licensing problems every time their
servers get restarted.

Customer 1 is a K12 school. One of their 3 servers won't pick up the MLA
license upon bootup. I have to actually assign it to the
server.(contrary to what I'm told) The licenses are at the ORG level,
and all three servers are at lower levels. Again, the other 2 servers
pick up the licensing fine.

Customer 2 has three 5-user licenses. I patched their one-and-only
server last night. This morning I got a call that only 4 users could log
in. Again, as previously told, I had not expressly assigned any of the
license files to the server. In looking around, the 4 users were listed
on the first license file, but the server wasn't able to add the 5th
user, NOR consume the other 10 licenses. Even after explicitly assigning
the licenses to the server they were unable to get more people logged in.

Customer 2 was so PO'd about this (because only 4 could work for the
hour it took me to get there) that he's stated his next upgrade will NOT
be NetWare!!!

WHAT THE HECK is going on with these servers!?!
These two experiences make me not want to patch any servers at all.