got a server that we want to expand the storage space...decided to
replace all the disks with more/larger ones, so I need to do a complete

I've always replaced servers in the past using the 'migrate to new
hardware' tools, but this time, its the same physical box. just want
to make sure I have all the bases covered.

All the services have been moved to other servers in the tree. This
server is only running arcserve 9.01, backing up a remote server.
Eventually, all the data on this remote server (~300gb) needs to be
moved to this newly-disked server. That's the kicker...the time it
will take to do that migration, with this being our main production
volume. so I'm wondering how best to handle that.

right now, the server is running 6.0; it'll come back to life as

going through the docs, it seems that all I have to do is use nwconfig
to "remove server from the tree". then throw out the disks and start
over. What exactly needs to be done to edirectory, beyond a sync and
maybe a dsrepair, to make sure everyone knows the server is gone?

Then, re-do the raid, install nw6.5spk5 nice 'n clean, with the same
name and ip address as the old server, install arcserve, restore the
old arcserve database (disk backup to another server, or to my
workstation...drag-n-drop back...quicker than a database merge). then
I can restore the data using the last full backup, and at some point, I
have to tell the users that they just have to stop for a couple of
hours so that I can do an incremental backup/restore to get the rest of
their data from server "b" back on to server "a"...Then change the
login script and tell everyone to reboot, and we're back in business.

what have I missed?