Hello all,

I am having some trouble after setting up my migration project. I got
logged in and verified my migration project and everything looked great.

Today, I can no longer login to the destination server. I can login
through consoleOne on the server, so I know the admin password is correct.

If I can not login, I can not proceed. I may have to rebuild this server
again using the premigration method but can someone tell me what else I
may be able to do to see what went wrong.

I built a pre-migratin server. I made a temp tree and Organization. The
server and server licenses resided at the root of the organization with
the volume objects. I then installed DS 8.7.3 and patched to I
installed the latest TSA patches and post SP5 NSS patches. Then I began
to verify my migration project.

This server does only have IP on it and I had been logging into the tree
by IP address. I later added a manual hosts entry to login to the tree by

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Steve D.