I need some help guys... We are changing our entire company structure
around. We're going to split IT out of our main corporate entity and
move it up a level. We are then selling our services to 2 other
companies which will be in our tree.

Right now I have


It's now going to be


So everything that is now off the main OU will go under the new company1
OU, and I'll be creating ones for the rest.

That means I have to move all of these OU's (3 of which are across wan's
with replicas here so they are partitions).

Each location has a server. Each server has groupwise and zenworks.

Each location uses iprint and has printers hosted off it's servers.

The main location for gw has the gwia in it.
There's 4 servers in the main location that are now going under company1

So basically my shift is going to be along this line.

corp.location1 -> corp.company1.location1

There are sub orgs underneath each location as well for things like zen
applications, etc.

Naturally this is sprung on me today at 3:20pm. I'm here till 4, oh by
the way they want this moving next week and I'm out of the country next
week so naturally it's not going to even start until I get back.

I'm trying to get in front of this as much as possible as far as all the
things I will need to look at.

Anyone care to dump some tid's and stuff that I need to look at or any
hey by the way make sure you don't forget to do this...... I would
greatly appreciate it. I won't get to read any of it until Aug1 however.

Thanks very much.