I applied the following switch per tid 10064971 to gwia, restarted gwia,
and still find that emails sent to invalid addresses do not give a return
to the sender immediately. Instead, our internal staff are having to
wait 4 days. Is there something else that needs to be done? It looks
fairly straightfoward, what do you think i'm missing?


We are running netware 6.5 sp3 and GroupWise 6.5.5.

Thanks in advance.

Use the /maxdeferhours-xx switch in the GWIA.CFG, where xx is the number
of hours. This tells GWIA how long to retry messages from the DEFER
directory. If no switch is found the default is the 4 days(96 hours)
that we did in the past. If set to 0, then GWIA will immediately send an
undeliverable back to the sender on any 4xx error condition, like 450
host down.
NOTE: This setting is only available in GroupWise 6 SP 1 and later