I installed NetWare 6.5 on a new Dell PowerEdge 2800 server. The install
seemed to go well. I then used Migration Wizard to move data, users, etc.,
to the new server. After rebooting the new server I can login from the
server console but I can not login from a client workstation. I receive the
following error message: "NMAS: no default login sequence specified for
user. Error - 1691"

Note: I CAN use Remote Manager to connect to the new server from a
workstation, but still cannot login to the server from that workstation.

The NMAS guide suggests using Console One to set a default login sequence
by right-clicking a User object, clicking Properties, clicking the Security
tab, then clicking Login Sequences. However, Login Sequences is not listed
as an option.

I would use iManager, but after installing it on the server I cannot access it.

Any tips would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!