I'm setting up a new Netware 6.5 SP5 Server - The install goes fine, but
then something really screwy happens.

If I let the server boot normally, it crashes every time with a message
about LSL.nlm not being loaded.


If I press ESC and goto DOS, and type "server" the machine boots
without any problems.

I've tried installing NW 6.5 SP4, but get exactly the same thing - I'm
assuming it's hardware related.

HW specs;
CPU; 2* AMD Opteron 246
Mobo; Tyan S2882-D
RAM; 4* 1024MB PC3200
HDD; 4* 320GB SATA in RAID10
LAN; Broadcom (B57)

Any ideas? I've tried adding a "pause" in autoexec.bat just before it
launches server - This makes no difference.