I'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum, but it does relate to an
upgrade, so I figured this was a good place to post this.

I've been slowly making strides this summer to update all my Novell
servers and software to recent releases. I just did a hardware
migration for one of my servers from NW5.1 to 6.5SP5. The server held
roughly 20 legacy print queues. I figured the migration would break
them so I planned on recreating the queue objects. I tried to recreate
one of my objects, and when I send a test job to it, the queue won't
pick it up. The status in windows is blank, and there's nothing in the
queue job list.

I'm not sure I'm going to have the time this summer to implement NDPS
or iPrint and I'm not even sure how applicable they are to my
situation(K-12 public school). But due to other projects, I need to
get this sorted out. The old queue based printing has always worked
well and I'd like to keep it going for right now.

I do have IPX installed on the server, and I can IPX ping one of my
other servers.

Thanks for any help that can be rendered!