I have a single server environment which is currently running on old
hardware. The source server OS is 4.11 and DS is 6.11 and the
destination server OS is 6.50 and DS is 105.10. I recently attempted to
migrate to new hardware using Novell Migration Toolkit. The file copy
portion of the process went fine. The DS Migration portion of the
process failed. It got to the point that the source server was taken
down, the destination server took over the name of the new server and
then errored out. The log file (see below) states to look at the
sys\system\migerror.log file. This file was empty. We were able to get
the source server back online again for the next day and we can attempt
to re-run the migration. However, we don't know why it failed to prevent
this from occuring again. Please help.

Error Log:
Start DS Migration

Source OS Version: 4.11
Source DS Version: 6.11
Destination OS Version: 6.50
Destination DS Version: 105.10

- ((Look at the SYS\SYSTEM\MIGERROR.LOG file on the destination server
for more information about this error.) DSBackupMigrateStatus Xfffffda4
- NDS error: An object class that does not exist in the Directory is
being referenced by a utility.) The NDS was not restored from the backup

Elapsed time: 0 days 0 hours 2 minutes 9 seconds