I wrote this one into the bordermanager.install-setup newsgroup, but I guess
it's just a general netware 6.5 problem. So here again, not wanting to do a
cross posting. Sorry for that.

I wanted to install netware 6.5 SP5 on a server with two nics. I've done
that a thousend times before now the following happens: When I get to the
point where I have to configure the network adapters I enable IP and make
the following entries for the first nic (E1000_1):

Subnet Mask:
Router (Gateway):

and for the next card (E1000_2) these entries:

Subnet Mask:
Router (Gateway):

When I click on the "Next" button, an error message appears "E1000_2-The
subnet mask address must be contiguous."
I have no idea why this happens. Maybe someone here has an idea. Thanks for
your help and suggestions.