I'm currently working out an upgrade script (MS Project) for
upgrading our 4 NW65SP2 servers to OES SP2.

From my initial testing, I don't think I want to go straight
to SP5; but that *may* be just for the server running IDM201.

I'm currently looking to do the following:
1: upgrade the server w/master of root partition to NW65SP4a
using overlay CDs, then to SP5. Attempting to preserve any
existence of VO.
+ upgrade from ZfD3.2 SP1 to ZDM 7 on this server
2: upgrade 2nd academic server (has R/W of root) to
NW65SP4a, then SP5 similar to first server
+ Upgrade ZfD3.2 SP1 installation to ZDM 7
3: upgrade 3rd server that has R/W of root in similar fashion,
SP4a, then SP5
+ upgrade ZfD32 SP1 to ZDM7
4: upgrade last main server, no R/W of root, to SP4a, then SP5
+ upgrade this last ZfD32 SP1 server to ZDM7

These upgrades to be a couple days apart between each. #1 is
on the main campus; #2 is at a remote campus connected via T1,
#3 & #4 are on the main campus.

The 5th server has IDM2.0.1 installed & is used for password
propagation & password self-service using VO 1.0.1. No ZfD
objects exist for this server.

I'll be testing going straight to SP5 as well as SP4a to SP5
as well. I have a list of the post-SP5 updates/patches that
also need to be installed.

We use ZfD for application access; some objects update registry
keys, some simply put an icon on a desktop. No imaging has been
used to date, and workstation inventory is not currently in use.
We plan to use workstation inventory & also set up ZAM7 after
these upgrades.

Comments/suggestions welcome!