I have a single server and a couple of workstations in a separate tree
from the main production tree; server has two NICs, one connects to the
production LAN. For the longest time, I've used TREE in the login on the
small LAN to connect users to their home directorie on the production LAN.

Prior to unleashing Universal Password on the production LAN, I tested
it out on the small, non-production LAN. It worked great as far as
enforcing stronger paswords, but since I enabled UP, I cannot see the
other tree. I can ping other servers and stations on the LAN, get to the
Internet, but I just can't see the other tree from a workstation --
although the second tree is visible on the server.

It's not serious, but I'm curious why this would occur. I couldn't find
anything after an hour or so in the KB, but I'm probably searching on
the wrong keywords. <g>


Ken McLeod
Sheridan, OR