a month ago I had a problem with setting up SLP on my network. Edward was so
kind and wrote me a short instruction, which I don't really understand
(Sorry Edward). Here it is:

1. Launch nwadmin (yes, not C1) and go to a container that is not replicated
to lots of servers. Create a SLP scope in there and name this
your-company-scope (or whatever your namind standard is).
2. Once done, create an SLPDA object and point this to a server that is
going to run the slpda and associate it to your slp scope.
3. On all your servers go to Monitor | server parameters | SLP and set the
correct slp scope. On all servers except for the one that is going to host
the slpda go to /etc/slp.cfg and add the IP address of the SLPDA server.
4. Do a "set SLP reset = on" on all servers.
5. On the SLPDA server set the slp scope name in monitor. No need to touch
the slp.cfg
6. Use DHCP to push out the slpda and slp scope name.

Okay, here are my questions to the numbers on the top:
1. Which container should I take (OU?)? What means "not replicated to lots
of servers"?
2. Where has the SLPDA has to be? In the same container than the SLP scope?
3. I don't see "Current SLP scope". The only thing with scope I see is "SLP
Scope list" and "SLP static scope list".Where do I have to do the entry?
6. How can I do so? Sorry, I have no idea.

Thanks for your help an patience. And thanks to Edward for this