I had a NW 6.5 upgrade fail. I then had to run the upgrade manually
after booting from the OS cd. I then installed SP3 and the post SP3
server and NSS patches. I started getting all kinds of errors that
seemed related to ldap and certificates. I ran pkidiag but it found no
problems. I ran the GUI install and installed ldap again. That fixed
some things. I cannot get portal to load though. I tried creating a test
certificate and loading HTTPSTK using that. When I do I get: "Error
accessing Winsock services, ccode=0x2740. HTTPSTK: Error=-1 on listen <>
in listen thread." , and the HTTPSTK module fails to load. I can't seem
to get a handle on where to go from here. It doesn't seem to be
certificate related. I am wondering if something didn't get upgraded
that should have. Anyone have an idea? Thanks