Today I did a "fire drill", attempting to use a server onto which we do
overnight backups of all the user volumes (not SYS) instead of the usual
main server. I had problems logging in, which I think are because of DA
problems, and I have a few questions.

In nwadmn, I have two DA's, each of reflects the name of the server it lives
on. SERV_D is our production server and SERV_C is the backup, so my DA
names are SERV_D_SLPV2DA and SERV_C_SLPV2DA, respectively. Their status is
UP on SERV_D and DOWN on SERV_C because I load SLPDA in SERV_D's
autoexec.ncf file but not in SERV_C's. Both look correctly configured,
using their appropriate server as their Host Server. DISPLAY SLP SERVICES
shows the same information, and quickly, on all servers in the tree - there
are two other servers. Everything is Netware 6.5, SP4 or later.

I have my system login script setup with variables to that I can easily
switch which server gets which drive mappings. I made the change in the
system login script, changed both autoexec.ncf files so that the SERV_D no
longers loaded SLPDA and DHCPSRVR but SERV_C did. If I go into the DHCP
Managment console, I see both DHCP servers, with SERV_D running and an X
through SERV_C. In addition, I commented out the DA line in the backup
server's SLP.CFG and added an appropriate line to the production server so
that it would see the DA on the backup server when I brought it back up. I
believe this correct way - no DA line in the server that runs SLPDA, and a
line pointing to the DA in the other servers.

My SLP discovery options are set to 4 on all my servers. Perhaps that's
part of my problem - would changing the settings to 6 or 7 give me more
flexibility? Would the additional flexibility be at the expense of
performance in terms of client login time?

When I took down both servers and only started up SERV_C, I could not login,
and the client32 (4.91 SP2 + a few patches) could not find the tree. I need
to know why, and what to do to fix this so that, if need be, I can switch to
the backup server in the future.

Thanks in advance. I tried to give all the necessary information. If I've
left anything out, please let me know.