I would like to migrate a data volumes to a bigger one.
System used: NW65sp4
volume: NSS (50G) (say data1) upgrade to NSS (100G)

I have many trustees, application objects, user home directories, volume
quota, directory quota in this "data1" volume, so I like to the new
volume remain as "data1" after migration.

Here is my plan:
1. create a temp volume say "data_tmp"
2. use Novell Consolidation tools to copy data and trustees from "data1"
to "data_tmp"
3. rename "data1" to "datatmp2"
4. rename "datatmp" to "data1"

This sounds like a good plan except when I perform step 3, all objects
containing "data1" in eDirectory will be renamed as well, so my plan
failed. Are there any better method?