we dicussed in another entry about an installing problem with NetWare6.5:

Now we ordered 2 other Server (PRIMERGY TX150 S4) and we could install
NetWare, BUT the installation don't detect that we've configured a RAID1 on
the hard drives.

On Storage Adapters install it installs the normal ATA/IDE driver and an
ATA/IDE RAID Contorler, but there is no IDE RAID Controler, it is an 1
channel Ultra320 for internal HDD's - SCSI Controller (LSI 53C1020A).

I wanted to install another driver, but the install can't find the controller.

The CD-ROM is found!

And after finishing the installation I can't boot the system too.

I downloaded the original drivers for the specific RAID - Adapter, but it
still couldn't dedect it.

Any ideas what I could do?