OK, this is a new one on me. If I try to change the system login script
in nwadmn, I get this:

Error 1064 Netware Administrator

The object could not be modified.

Error code 116: -659

The last change I made in the system login script was using C1 from the
server console because I had f#$%ed the login process and couldn't get
in from a workstation. Just now, I ran C1 from a workstation and was
able to change the login script, but I still get the same error message
from nwadmn on the same workstation.

Netware 6.5 SP5 + patches.

I ran an unattended DSREPAIR on all servers in the tree (there are 4),
got a few errors which got fixed, now unattended DSREPAIR shows no
errors anywhere.

TIA for help with how to fix this.