This weekend I wanted to do a hardware migration. That for I copied some of
our data with the consolidation tool to the new (pre migration) server.
Before the copy process started I had to make some settings in the
consolidation tool. In one step I had to "Check for trustees and ownership".
But none of the users exist on the old server (at this time). All files
which was formerly owned by person XYZ e. g. are now owned by the ADMIN of
the new server. Is this correct so far?

Now, when I copy the complete data via the consolidation tool all data will
be owned by the Admin of the new server. After that I will use the migartion
tool which will copy eDir trustees, users etc. Will the migration tool
change the ownership of these files again to the specific users or will it
stay on Admin? Does is make a difference except that the owner is now

Are the following steps correct?

1.) Start Consolidation project
2.) Copy all data files with consolidation tool
3.) Start Hardware Migration project
4.) Copy eDir, users, trustees etc.
5.) Consolidation and Migration tool will bring old server down
6.) New server will take the place of the old server
7.) Reinstall products on new server
8.) Reconfigure products on new server
9.) Have a coffee... ;)

Is this right so far?