I am trying to re-cover a server that is dieing with a new IBM x346 Server.
I can get Netware 6.0 installed with no service packs and it boots and
works fine. Now I am trying to install SP3 since that's were the current
server sits and then patch it to the lastest server pack after the data is

Once I put on SP3 the server reboot,starts loading nwserver and get's as
far as the keyboard and then crashes with a error I can't see as the screen
clears quickly and then it tries to reload nwserver.exe again. This will
loop until I stop it.

I tried copying over keyb.nlm from the backup that SP3 make but that didn't
help. I was hoping not to goto the lastest service pack as I'm not sure if
the restore of data will work correctly being different SP levels.

I also tried server.exe -na and unplugged the keyboard but it doesn't help
either. I'm not sure if the keyboard is causing the problem as I see it
comes up as Keyboard {OK} before it crashes.

But it's defintely something in SP3 that is doing it.

Any ideas,