Going to perform a migration of a NW5.1 SP5 server with mostly data files,
NDPS printers and DHCP to new hardware that will run NW6.5 SP5 using the
Pre-Migration server setup and Migration Wizard option. I see that NDPS is
not on the list of installed applications for a Pre-Migration server. Are
there any issues that I should be aware of when reinstalling NDPS on the new
server after the migration is performed and the new server assumes the old
one's identity? Will it just pickup the existing broker or will I need to
recreate? Also, how do I bring over my settings in DHCP? Again, will this
automatically be picked up when installing DHCP services on the new
hardware? Lastly, what would be needed to allow users access to their data
files on this server from the outside world? I'm not interested in
synchronization of their data, just plain access from a web browser outside
our organization. TIA