I have done a number of tests and never encountered what is
currently happening.

Doing an in-place upgrade of our primary Netware 6.5 SP2 server
encountered an error with a file for qfsearch during the
copy in the first GUI stage from the PROD overlay CD.
I selected retry. This then appeared to hang (for 20+ minutes)
at 70% with a file in /nls/8/qstat.msg (I believe). Since this
was not showing any disk IO to the CD or to the SYS volume,
I attempted to cancel; it asked for verification, I clicked
on Yes. No apparent response. 3-5 minutes later, I tried again
with the same response. At this point, I figure I'll try to
restart and try again, so I force a reboot by dropping to
debugger (shift shift alt esc - restart - y)

When it starts up, it reports that it is at SP5 and goes into the
C-Worthy screens for continuing the upgrade. Of course, this
fails with an error reading the response file (which never was
either written or finished).

I need to know how to get this machine convinced that the upgrade
has not finished & I need to try again. Or at least get it back
to where it was before via a restore.

I'll continue to look around, but will keep checking back at this
forum for any possible suggestions. It is 11:43PM EST and I need
to have this server running in the morning.

Please help