after upgrading the 1st of 4 servers from NetWare 6.0.5 to NW6.5.5 using
deployment mgr (NW655OS overlay ISO) I got in the fist reboot after the copying
of files an ABEND, visible just part of a second, then the server was sitting
there for ever. The logger screen showed BTRIEVE actions to the products.dat and
a loaded BTRIEVE.NLM version 6.15. I found that one in C:\NWSERVER, where it
propably was remaining from the NW4.11 installation this server originally came

Right now I get this errors, when the server starts up.

A posting of Hamish recommends for these public symbols to check the SLP modules,
these are all right here, aren't they?

Any suggestions appreciated,

I'll immediately post the full logger.txt, config.txt and the loaded modules of
that server sorted by NLM year.

Regards, Rudi.

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