Loading up new server after the death of our old reliable whitebox.

Have several HP Boxes mainly HP DX2200 with SATA Interfaces, ATI chipset
according to HP with SB450/RC410 SATA controler. HP said to try the
SiL3112 driver but to no avail, I tried several versions all of which
hang the server install, Novell said $600 before we speak thanks.

DOS sees the drive (200G SATA), creates boot part and loads the NWserver
folder, server starts but hangs on detecting hardware or detects IDEATA
then fails to load as can not see a drive.

Have tried NW6, NW6sp5 Overlay CD, NW6.5 sp3 overlay CD, what am I
missing? I have looked at 8 HP Boxes here and they all use the ATI SB450

Thanks for any help as we are down for 2 days now.