I am reinstalling NW6.5 on a Dell PowerEdge 750 box. The built-in NIC's
are Intel CE1000's. There are two. This box WAS a NW6.5 Server previous
to this reinstall. However, I seem to have forgotten some critical info.
When I get to the NIC portion of the install, I tell it a CE1000. It then
asks for Slot Number and the Node Address. I have the option on the slot
number of 10013 or 10014, I have used both.
Then on the Node address, I'm not sure what to put in. I have put the
MAC address of the card, I have put in the IRQ number. At this point I'm
not sure what I"m missing. I KNOW I am not getting some detail correct
because it tells me it can't initialize the card. Any HELP would be
greatly appreciated!