I have a environment with Netware 5.1 SP8, with ED 8734.

I'm preparing to upgrade to OES netware kernel.

I have a couple of questions;

(1). When I build the migration server with the 6.5 sp5 overlay CD the version of EDirectory is 8737 - Do I need to upgrade the server which this will replace Edirectory to the same version 1st? I have already ran the deployment wizard that extended the schema.

(2). I have no netware 6.5 licences installed in the current tree, should I install these 1st? If so how can I check that I have the correct license install, in 5.1 you had both server and user connection licenses. Has this changed with 6.5??? I have downloaded our unlimited user license it seems to have created just a server license in test.

I ran through the upgrade on a test box, it never had any issues. I had to perform a in-place upgrade on another box in test. That prompted for upgrade of ED and install a license.